It’s OK to Pray

Photo by Jackie Ray

Photo: Bing Images

I for one see this as one step closer to seeing our Christian Nation getting back to its Christian roots. Hopefully, these men, have set examples for the next generation that its ok to pray.
Recent posts on Facebook made me think about why so many in our “Christian Nation” are so critical of those who publicly display their Christianity. The criticism of people who display their belief openly by either bowing their heads, kneeling or practicing what they believe is astonishing to me.
I believe Christianity represents “Love, Understanding, and Forgiveness”. In the “Rodeo” arena it is an accepted supported behavior, while in the “Football” arena the criticism is astonishing. Although, Tebow’s popularity is tenfold, so are his critics.
I know we are not all perfect, after all we are just human, but I find it hard to understand why a man who kneels, who supports life, and is anti-abortion is ostracized publicly. Why don’t we stand up and support a young man whose behavior is representative of the Christian Bible? Is it we’re afraid that he’ll fall from “Grace” and take us all down with him? How do we put the pride back in our “Christian Nation”?
As a nation, we are willing to contribute monetarily to organizations that rehabilitate those who have fallen. Yet, we judge those who are example of the power of prayer. As if we know what their prayer is after they get bucked off a bull or throw that 50 yard pass. Their prayer could be a “Thank You” for a safe landing, good catch or even a request for someone they love who is need of help. Yet, some choose to judge them; Personally, I choose to support them.


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