Garden Preps under way…

Today hubby, and friends, began removing trees from the area designated for our veggie garden. Using the tractor they pull up the trees, roots and all, as if they were mere weeds. All the while keeping in mind the importance of saving the topsoil. They actually shook the soil off of the trees roots before piling them up. Maneuvering the trees to the wood pile wasn’t that easy, though the trees look skinny they were twenty-five plus feet tall which made the job a bit difficult. They’ll be back at it again tomorrow to finish off this portion of our garden preparation.


About Grandee

Grandee… that’s me Family is first and foremost to me. My husband and I are blessed with two children and their wonderful spouses who have given us five wonderful grand children. Hence my name “Grandee”… given to me by our daughter's first child.
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