Lindville Caverns

Our day began with a visit to Linville Caverns where we saw the treasures hidden inside Humpback Mountain in Marion, NC. Here are some historical facts about the Caverns from the Park’s brochure. “For centuries, the marvels of Linville Caverns were unknown to man. In the early 1800’s a fishing expedition headed by Henry E. Colton, of eastern NC, who saw fish swimming in and out of what appeared to be a rather solid rock. A small opening in the mountainous terrain allowed them to enter the subterranean recess that is still home to native trout in an underground stream.”
Once inside the caverns we saw unique deposits of minerals formed into stalactites and stalagmites. According to our guide stalac”tites” hang “tightly” from the ceiling yet stalag”mites” form on the ground so be careful or we “might” trip over the stalag”mites”. Some formations appear to resemble icicles; some even look like bacon strips hanging on the wall, while the oddest one, I think, looked like a barrel cactus plant. The colors were fantastic; shades of green, gold, blue and purple.
We also saw some “Eastern Pipistrelle” Bat’s that use the caverns to hibernate, by clinging to the walls or hang from ceiling, during the winter months. Personally, I didn’t think they were too cute! I liked the rock formations and watching the Trout swimming in the stream best. The Grandson liked the Bats the best!


About Grandee

Grandee… that’s me Family is first and foremost to me. My husband and I are blessed with two children and their wonderful spouses who have given us five wonderful grand children. Hence my name “Grandee”… given to me by our daughter's first child.
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