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North Carolina Heat Wave

The local weather forecasters  have been saying all week “prepare for the up coming heat wave.”  They were right! It’s here…this morning it’s  84* with 44% humisiry at 9:30 am! The forecasters are expecting temps of 104-106 for the entire … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. ~Thomas Jefferson

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Our Day started with Cowboy Church Sunday morning

Hubby and I started our “Father’s” day by going to a pancake breakfast at the Polkville Baptist Church Arena. After breakfast we attended the most unusual Cowboy-Church we’ve ever witnessed.   Professional Bull Rider (PBR) Todd Pierce is a Pastor … Continue reading

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Polkville Rodeo Night

Once a month there is a Church Sponsored Rodeo held in various counties, in North Carolina. This is the second one we’ve attended. No beer at rodeos seems so odd, but honestly it’s a real family event. Tonight, the rodeo … Continue reading

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Home Grown Potatoes….

We harvested just a few potatoes today. They were growing in the walk way. Originally the garden area was going to be a bit wider on the one side, but to make a nice size driveway down the hill the … Continue reading

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My day at the range….

Yesterday, we went to qualify for our cwp; now we can carry in 38 out the 50 states. Who would have thought that to qualify for that one would go to a place where there is a pond, an aged … Continue reading

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Boiling Springs Rodeo

We attended a NPRA Rodeo, in Boiling Springs about a month ago. The rodeo was sponsored by local Churches. It was very family oriented, no alcohol, and the midway had a carnival too. There where high-rise bleachers as well as … Continue reading

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