Composting in the kitchen is very “Green”

For us collecting compost  aka “Black gold” begins in our kitchen. There are many fancy ways to compost house hold scraps, lots of gadgets available to enhance the process. However, an old crock serves as well. And it looks good on the counter in my opinion. It’s very handy to use on the counter and keeps the unsightly compost from view. We use old zip lock freezer bags for the scraps. They trap any odor that maybe caused by the compost. We save all the coffee and tea grounds, egg shells as well as the peelings, stems, leaves, etc. from our food preparations. We don’t put any meat, dairy or leftovers that have had any oils or butter used to cook them in our compost.

In the outside side bins or piles we usually cover the scraps with dead leaves, shredded paper, or some soil. We do this to prevent scavengers from using our pile as their fast food facility. Compost can be stored in old trash cans you have drilled with holes for aeration and water drainage, cages made from wire, pallets screwed together in a u shape, or even just a pile. There are many commercial bins available too.

Here on the east coast we don’t have to water our compost, on the west coast we did since we lived in the desert.  Horse, cow, sheep, rabbit, goat and lama manure make a nice addition to a compost pile. However, any animal that eats meat, such as dog, cat, pig and humans, their manure should not be used on the compost pile in my opinion. We also add fishing worms to the pile, so we can go back and harvest them next time we go fishing. 🙂

The resulting soil, is rich in nutrients and nitrates and can be used to start seeds, amend a vegetable garden, flower garden, or as potting soil for indoor plants. It’s very green – since it saves tons of waste from going to our landfills.


About Grandee

Grandee… that’s me Family is first and foremost to me. My husband and I are blessed with two children and their wonderful spouses who have given us five wonderful grand children. Hence my name “Grandee”… given to me by our daughter's first child.
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