It’s been a year today …


It’s been a year today, Since you passed away. I miss our chats, About this and that.    Your encouraging words, And stories about the world.                                                         And the places you have seen, As a Merchant Marine.                                                           You were my first horse, and my favorite of course.                                                                  You taught me to try, And that, big girls don’t cry.                                                                     But Daddy they do, I miss you.

*~* In 2010, on Dad’s 75th birthday I send him this card. He enjoyed it so much he cried. I read it again today and can still hear him reading it back to me and all the comments he made about each activity. *~*

Happy Birthday Dad,

You’ve crossed another milestone, 75 years … ¾ of a century!  I’m so happy to have shared so much of your life! Not knowing what to get you for your birthday, I came up with all the happy memories I have of time spent with you and all that I learned from you. I hope they bring a smile to your heart as I walk through my memories of what I learned from you.

It’s from you that I learned how to climb ocean cliffs that seemed as high as Mount Everest, to swim the oceans, to kayak the vast shores of Big Bear Lake, to ski the snow-packed backwoods of Holcomb Valley, to cross the frozen waters of Big Bear Lake, to hike the desert lands in search of reptiles, to gather bluebells in the English forests, to catch the limb of a tree when you threw me up into the sky, to fly across the skies to far-away places, to drive on the dusty roads up mountain sides, to ride wild horses through green pastures at an early age, to dance on the tops of your feet, to retrieve clay pigeons falling from the sky, to grow vegetables in a garden, to bottle-feed a colt, to build a bonfire, to become one with a horse, to catch flying fish, to pound abalone, to sleep under the stars, to hear the ocean’s waves in a shell and to wish upon a shooting star. You also taught me to be face my fears and above all be honest and true to myself.  It is with these, and many more memories of love, that I celebrate your birthday and look forward to you crossing your next milestone and becoming a centurion.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I love you,


So many items in the letter jolted memories between us, sleeping under the stars – well not really us girls, were too scared to sleep outside at night, but our old station wagon’s head liner was covered with tiny stars. The English forest – was a “Spinny” a growth of trees that separated Grand Dad’s place from his neighbors. Our, the grandkids, favorite places to play and gather wild bluebells for Nan and our Mothers. The ocean cliffs were in Devon, England – looking at them as an adult they were pretty steep for a kid – no wonder I’m afraid of heights. My first ride on a real horse that I remember, was on “Whiskey” a pony in the pasture that Dad let me sit on, he turned to do something and the pony took off like a shot… I held on for dear life, Dad ran after us, and caught up with us so quickly it seemed he was almost as fast as the pony. Catching flying fish – he made poles out of sticks cut from nearby trees, tied lines and attached hooks. I had a terrible time keeping my hook in the stream it seemed to rise above the water on it’s own. He would ask me “If I was trying to catch the flying fish?” when I finally put the hook in the stream I caught a couple of Trout.
Dad didn’t make it to become a centurion, he lost his battle with bladder cancer.


About Grandee

Grandee… that’s me Family is first and foremost to me. My husband and I are blessed with two children and their wonderful spouses who have given us five wonderful grand children. Hence my name “Grandee”… given to me by our daughter's first child.
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2 Responses to It’s been a year today …

  1. Maria M says:

    I sympathise with you but I also applaud you and a bigger clap for your dad. He lived life to the full and he gave you a great life, with friendship thrown in… Great post.

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