Our fire place

Hubby and his friend, Jim, began working on installing our wood stove some time ago and for some reason it has been one of those projects that has taken so much longer than they expected. Although, to be fair it’s not their fault, since they got sick, then the proper parts didn’t arrive quickly as they should.  One look at their work shows what a wonderful job they did, not to mention that two perfectionist can actually work wonders and work well together! 😉


The chimney was installed first and finished before the heavy rains came. Then it was back to the garage to work on the dry wall -they had to get enough done to ensure the garage doors could be installed. Then the cold snap came and the chicken coop needed it’s door built and put on to keep the cold out – the ladies won’t work when temperatures get below 32*. Then back to the garage again to finish hanging the drywall, then they got sick, started working again and luckily finished up the hanging the drywall just in time to get the garage doors installed. When Jim wasn’t available Hubby worked on the the vegetable garden fence, planted some fruit and pine trees, built wire cages to protect them from the rabbits. Then came the holidays but right after the holidays their progress has been impressive.

IMG_2848IMG_2921First they built a foundation for the hearth with a duct for an outside air vent. The hearth has a nice hole in the middle of it, the size meeting the manufacturers specs for outside air draw. Then they covered the wood frame with plywood and covered that with cement board. Next they began installing the cement tiles – although they are not ordinary tiles…they are about 2 inches thick and oddly enough they are not square, they are 18 by 20, making it a bit more difficult to lay out the pattern. But they sure look nice.



Next they began stacking the artificial rock on the wall which will be behind the wood stove. I’m so amazed at how nice it turned. It’s hard to believe that the rock wall is really molded cement hat has been stain to look like rock.

IMG_2979Then came the scary part, putting the stove on the hearth without scratching the cement tiles. These guys are smart that’s for sure. They used an engine hoist to lift the stove up high enough so they could install the legs and the outside draw air vent. Then they lined up the stove with the outside draw vent and the inside stove-pipe.

IMG_2996IMG_3004All done and wow does it look nice…. that’s some warm cozy fire. They do have plans to install a mantle but that’ll be down the road since they still have a few more projects to finish…the Jeep’s transmission, the garage, pantry….and who know what else but today I’m cooking some beans on my wood stove.. Thank you Thank you, Thank you our house is so warm and toasty and the beans smell wonderful :))))




About Grandee

Grandee… that’s me Family is first and foremost to me. My husband and I are blessed with two children and their wonderful spouses who have given us five wonderful grand children. Hence my name “Grandee”… given to me by our daughter's first child.
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